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Ford 6.0L DT600008R Fuel Injection Control Module

Ford 6.0L DT600008R Fuel Injection Control Module


Model Year:


2003 - 2007

F Series 250-550

2003 - 2005


2004 - 2010

E Series

One pre-programmed FICM covers all 6.0L applications. Plug and play does not require flashing.

Reference Numbers



Application Caution: Ford F650 / 750 applications use the VT365 engine with the Navistar engine management system. When the FICM is installed on the F650 / 750 the engine will run, but the check engine light will be turned on and a DTC is set. The DTC is 613. PCM / IDM software is incompatible. The FICM will need to be reprogrammed with the appropriate Navistar device. Must be reprogrammed to use on 2006 - 2009 LCF trucks with the 4.5L engine.

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